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Free Tier Heroku Alternative?
Howdy Techies!

I greatly admire Heroku when it comes to deploying and running mobile and web applications in smart containers. Although my projects are going well on Heroku but I noticed it has become an expensive solution since it ended its free tier offering. Yes, I began my dev journey from Heroku's free plan few years ago and it was an outstanding experience as a novice but now, I am looking for an alternative.

If I discuss some prominent Heroku alternatives, Render is a leading solution. Render is one of the simplest cloud hosting solutions, costing nothing for 100GB bandwidth and 500 build minutes. However, the only things that annoy me are its sluggish customer service and overuse of RAM. On the other hand, I found some incredible alternatives here, and I shortlisted some names like Back4app, Fly, and Engine Yard.

Firstly, if I talk about Back4app, I have already used its BaaS offering. I believe its Containers or CaaS platform would also be good enough to deploy Git-hosted codes. Another option that I like as a Heroku alternative is Engine Yard. However, I didn't find any free offerings on its pricing page.

All in all, I am here to know your experiences with PaaS platforms. 

What Heroku alternatives would you suggest to me?

[Image: The-best-Heroku-alternatives.webp]

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